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A message from Dr. Vanek on COVID-19 (March 29, 2020)

Coronavirus science

The virus induced sequestration in our home proceeds under Governor DeWine proclamation. The national mortality rate, currently calculated at 1.5%, is appearing to be thusfar lower than media apocalyptic models, or even that seen in other western countries like Germany. Every life is precious. Every death is a tragedy. While the severity of the casualties has not fully manifest, our industrial capacity is being rallied by political force through the Defense Production Act invoked at the time of this writing. Meanwhile world leaders are quarantining themselves in their own homes. A 15 minute coronavirus test has been authorized by the FDA today after it was found to be accurate. Another hopeful note is the French study of 40 out of 40 patients that have shortened their hospitalization and survival with the use of the hydroxychloraquin in combination with azithromycin (and added zinc). Finally, case controlled science is documenting the efficacy of a novel drug therapy and off-label use of established drugs for antiviral effects. Other trials with anti RNA drugs used for Ebola treatment are underway across the country. Recall HIV resulted in 36 million deaths from 2005-2012. The Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968 killed 500,000. The Asian flu of 1956 killed 2 million worldwide- 69,000 of which were Americans. The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 infected 500 million across the world ending the lives of between 20-50 million. The Zika virus terrorized the world, but in 2018 affected 14% of the births of the 1450 pregnant women US women who tested positive for Zika virus exposure. The Wuhan virus pandemic- arising from a bat used as food and sold in a wild meat market- is being met with the full force of medical science, humanitarian efforts of medical practitioners, and the collective will of US citizens who hope for a rapid return to our successful way of life! Your prayers are still needed!

Paul Vanek, MD, FACS

Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery
Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

A video from Dr. Vanek on COVID-19 (March 24, 2020)

A message from Dr. Vanek on COVID-19 (March 24, 2020)

I have spent time speaking with Lake County Commissioner Ron Young and Commissioner Jerry Cirino on the matter of the state of Ohio Board of Pharmacy unjustifiably restricting prescriptions written for Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin.

The results of case control studies are still pending. However the implementation and use of this dual drug therapy across the country has already occurred.

Yesterday I spoke with a 53 year old diabetic Lorain county, Ohio patient who was admitted on Wednesday (3/11/20) of last week with signs and symptoms of coronavirus. He tested positive for coronavirus. His oxygen saturation was 91% on room air. He did not require supplemental oxygen. Within hours he was administered hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin by Saturday (3/14/20) his pulmonary symptoms are alleviated and he was discharged home to be quarantined for 14 days. While this patient brought himself to the hospital and was admitted, who knows if he may have been able to have close monitoring and outpatient administration of his antibiotics under the direction of a board-certified physician with prescriptive authority un-restricted by the board of pharmacy. As the wave of ill patients increases, hospital resource availability is projected to be overwhelmed.

As a surgeon who has practiced in Ohio since 1996 I agree with the notion that drugs in short supply may need some restriction for indication and use. Patients who are test positive for COVID-19 virus may have an immediate indication for the use of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. It’s current indication is when they have symptoms of fever and pulmonary signs. I believe it should be a physician who prescribes this drug and physicians who should delineate the indications for this medication.

The state of Ohio board of pharmacy should not restrict prescriptions written by licensed physicians in Ohio.

The FDA is overstepping it’s bounds as well as it is not legally necessary for drugs already approved for another indication to be restricted in their use. Licensed physicians are able to utilize medications for off-label indications without any other bureaucratic involvement.

Because of the realities of immediate shortage, of course the indication should not be overly broad at this time. But physician should be front and center in the decision making for who has the indication for this drug. Physicians should be enabled to write it immediately In their judgment the medication as indicated without bureaucratic obstruction by Boards of pharmacy throughout the United States.

Texas and Ohio Boards of pharmacy should take the shackles off of physicians today.

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Paul Vanek, MD
Mentor Plastic Surgery

Fellow of The American Board of Surgery & American Board of Plastic Surgery

A Recommended YouTube Video from Dr. Vanek on COVID-19 (March 21, 2020)

Just in case you know people who ” don’t get it” or ” believe it” and aren’t following guidelines to isolate, maybe this will help their understanding. This graphically demonstrates the math, biology, and behavior of pandemic infection.

Share this with your friends who aren’t feeling like staying in.

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A message from Dr. Vanek on COVID-19 (March 20, 2020)

Some encouraging news from the front line fight against Corona virus Covid-19

Hydroxychloriquin, the anti malarial drug in conjunction with Azithromycin is showing great promise in blunting the severe immune reaction created by the virus in causing the lung damage associated with the deadly effects of coronavirus.

While the early uses have not been studied scientifically against controls, the tremendous clinical response of patients has spurred physicians to utilize these medications in their from line fight against this novel Coronavirus.

While the most rigorous science deserves to be pursued, we will likely deploy this drug widely in the current fight against this deadly pathogen, COVID-19.

Personal protective equipment deployment is still awaiting increased manufacture rate, but red tape and bureaucracy has been cut through by federal action at the highest level. Turning loose the power of individual companies to use CRISPER technology has allowed for expansion of nationwide testing. Instead of awaiting single source testing, the US tech companies appear to be able to scale up their testing infrastructure and deploy timely, accurate tests.

Our society needs to restrict interaction and cut down on the passive transmission of this virus. So stay home!

A message from Dr. Vanek on COVID-19 (March 17, 2020)

The Food and Drug Administration announced a policy allowing numerous sophisticated labs in hospitals, universities, and private labs to conduct their own testing without what is called an Emergency Use Authorization.

Following this policy, new testing sites were set up by institutions such as the University of Washington, University of California San Francisco, and the Mayo Clinic.

Furthermore, between Feb. 29 and March 13, the FDA issued Emergency Use Authorizations to three alternative tests for COVID-19, designed by the New York State Department of Public Health and two private companies, Roche Molecular Systems and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

In remarks Sunday, members of the White House coronavirus task force said that, altogether, some 2,000 laboratories will be able to process nearly 2 million tests this week.

The Emergency Use Authorizations for Roche and Thermo Fisher were issued within 24 hours of the FDA’s receiving the respective applications. This marks a stark increase in agility compared with the early testing logjams resulting from bureaucratic inflexibility.

A message from Dr. Vanek on COVID-19 (March 13, 2020)

Based upon recent Center for Disease Control data as well as Johns Hopkins University clinical experience – the emotion and hype of this virus is far out of proportion to that seen in other recent viral illnesses. Coronavirus is characterized by a cough and fever, and when severe, results in shortness of breath. Influenza is uniformly characterized by body aches, fever and cough.

Recent precautions have been implemented out of an abiding concern for safety, but it must be noted that you will have continued care and services in my practice at Mentor Plastic Surgery.

As long as you are healthy, COVID-19 should not affect your personal ability to have surgery performed. Even if we were not being impacted by the civil, media, and emotional responses to this virus, the health of our patient at the time of surgery or office treatment is always of critical importance, which is why we schedule pre-testing before surgery can be performed.

Mentor Plastic surgery will be implementing additional safety protocols to protect both patients and staff. We ask that patients with symptoms of acute respiratory illness (e.g .,fever, cough, or shortness of breath), to cancel their appointments with us and re-schedule two weeks out. In addition, any patient who has been recently exposed to a coronavirus patient will need to reschedule their appointment for the safety and health of our patients and staff.

In an effort to protect our staff and patients within the facility from possible infection, we reserve the right to refuse treatment to patients that appear visibly ill or display respiratory symptoms

Hand washing attention, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth, cough etiquette, and social distancing to avoid ill contacts and common sense should prevail.
Our goal is not only to keep you looking beautiful, but also to keep you healthy and safe. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

-Dr. Vanek