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Dr. Paul Vanek

Dr. Paul Vanek, FACS

Trusted plastic surgeon, sculptor, biochemist and researcher

In addition to being a trusted plastic surgeon in the Cleveland area,  and former Chief of Surgical Staff at Lake Health and board member of Lake Health Foundation, Dr. Paul Vanek is a master sculptor; his medium: the human body. A double board-certified general and plastic surgeon, a biochemist, and a researcher for the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Vanek knows how the body works, and understands how to manipulate its structures to unlock and reveal his patients’ beauty. He is a gifted artist with extensive scientific training.

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Hundreds of women who credit Dr. Paul Vanek for changing their lives with a breast augmentation know he is well educated and fully accredited.

Many were excited to learn that he is Double Board Certified. Some doctors performing breast augmentations aren’t even board certified in Plastic Surgery. Dr. Vanek is, and he is also board certified in General Surgery. So he knows how the entire human body functions, from the inside out.