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What benefit does filler provide to improve lip aesthetics?

Aging causes lengthening of the upper lip skin, reducing the visible mucosal surface. Loss of subcutaneous fat flattens the lips and reduces the definition of anatomical landmarks such as the vermillion border, Cupid’s bow, and philtrum columns. This thinning combined with the repetitive movement of the orbicularis oris muscle results in “lipstick lines” or vertical…


How Do You Measure My Skin Aging and My Treatment Progress?

“A VISIA Complexion Analysis is an eye-opening, objective analysis of skin health,” says Dr. Paul Vanek. “It blows patients’ minds that the different components that affect the appearance of their skin can be objectively measured with spectral analysis.” The VISIA is a skin health evaluation tool that helps Dr. Vanek develop a custom skin care…


Botox vs. Browlift

I have been happy with wrinkle control Botox, but more recently my brow position is getting slumped. What should I do? You may be experiencing brow ptosis. This is defined as the lowered position of the brow and forehead laxity that comes with genetics, sun damage, age, and sometimes the dosing of your Botox or…

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What is the state of the art for body contouring?

What is the state of the art for body contouring? After we get up from our Thanksgiving celebration, there is a tendency to reflect upon our good fortune, our family, and our waistline! If you are experiencing hard to lose areas of your body, you may wish to address them with some lifestyle modifications to…