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Breast Plastic Surgery Choices for Women

“We respect you.We appreciate your beauty.We value who you are. We’re committed to help women feel more beautiful, and we often help women discover that the most beautiful part about themselves… is on the inside.” — Dr. Paul Vanek Today, there are more breast plastic surgery options than ever to correct or enhance the aesthetic…

Wearing Thin

Wearing thin

Original article published 10/26/2016 in MimiVanderhaven by Patricia Nugent When Melanie M.’s husband dropped the news that he was planning to buy a mint-condition Mustang, she took it well, announcing with delicious payback that she would finally be going through with the liposuction she had been considering for years. “I was tired of wearing baggy…


Are Millennials getting plastic surgery?

Q: I’m a Millennial, and I’m curious about my generation. Do we get plastic surgery? For other readers’ awareness, today’s Millennials are aged 19-35, and are the largest U.S. generation at 75.4 million. Obviously there are still more adults over 35 than Millennials, and older people have more reasons to consider plastic surgery. But I…


Gifting plastic surgery: Is it appropriate?

Q: I have a lady friend who I think would like plastic surgery. Is it appropriate for me to pay for it? This may be one of the most interesting questions ever asked in this column. From a purely logistic standpoint, we have had people pay for other people’s procedures quite commonly. We treat such…


Gastric Bypass Surgery Options

Congratulations! A number of my patients have endured great sacrifice, and/or undergone gastric bypass surgery to lose a lot of weight. After this major improvement to their appearance and health, they decided that they were not satisfied with any solution to their sagging excess skin except body and face contouring surgery. There often were health…


Am I too old for male breast reduction?

I keep thinking about male breast reduction, maybe for my 50th birthday. Am I too old? How common is my condition? I have had many patients, and there are many men reading this, who have enlarged breasts. Despite the dramatically increased social acceptance of plastic surgery, this is one condition that most men are unnecessarily…

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment In Summertime

Shedding light on an the old myth Many patients have heard this myth, and it is completely false. With the one stipulation I will explain below, you CAN get laser treatments during the summer. This falsehood probably developed from the proper advice to stay out of the sun before any laser treatment. This is because lasers…


Multiple Plastic Surgeries at Once?

Q: I want 2 or 3 procedures… can they all be done at the same time? Having multiple plastic surgery procedures at the same time is very common and can have many benefits. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that about 40% of all U.S. cosmetic plastic surgery patients have two or more procedures performed at the…